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LetterMagic LogoLetter Magic 1.0

Size: 3.9MB
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An awesome letter puzzle game which has one word for 4 common images. Find the correct word to unlock next level.
Play and learn new words.

Guess the correct word to unlock the level. 
Countless puzzles coming soon and all will be offline. 

This game will register with your existing google account automatically to save your coins and levels on cloud. 

Start playing game easily with lot of hints by coins.Get more coins by watching ads. 
WordPress is a very popular way to get a site up and running quickly. However, in their haste, plenty of developers end up making horrible decisions. Some mistakes, like leaving WP_DEBUG set to true may be easy to make. Others, like lumping all your JavaScript into a single file, are as common as lazy engineers. Whichever mistake you manage to make, read on to find out the the 12 most common WordPress mistakes that new and seasoned developers make. If you find yourself committing one of these mistakes, don’t despair. Each mistake is an opportunity to learn.
Top Mistakes That WordPress Developers Make

1. Placing WordPress Theme JavaScript Code into One Main File

Once, while doing page speed optimization for a client’s websites, I noticed they were using a premium theme that had all the libraries they were using, including the custom code, in one single file called main.jstheme.js or custom.js. This practice is bad for the following reasons:
We’re all witnessing a rise in the popularity of microservice architectures. In a microservice architecture, Dropwizard commands a very important place. It is a framework for building RESTful web services or, more precisely, a set of tools and frameworks for building RESTful web services.
It allows developers quick project bootstrapping. This helps you package your applications to be easily deployable in a production environment as standalone services. If you have ever been in a situation where you need to bootstrap a project in the Spring framework, for example, you probably know how painful it can be.
Illustration: Microservices Example in Dropwizard Tutorial.
With Dropwizard, it's just a matter of adding one Maven dependency.
In this blog, I will guide you through the complete process of writing a simple Dropwizard RESTful service. After we’re done, we will have a service for basic CRUD operations on “parts.” It doesn’t really matter what “part” is; it can be anything. It just came to mind first.
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