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Previously I was added some most beautiful cursors for windows here. Now I am adding some more latest and beautiful cursors for Windows. Download Share Use and Enjoy..!! More Cursor Added to this post. Enjoy... :)

Metro X Cursor (Upcoming in windows 8 cursor scheme)

Are you running the same mouse cursor (pointer) that came with Windows XP or Vista? How boring! If you can change your desktop wallpaper and icons, why not the cursors? Think of this: you take pains to get the best looking wallpaper, the best looking icons, use gadgets and widgets to decorate your desktop and yet none of these are visible when you are working on a document or reading a page, just like now. The only object that remains visible all the time is the mouse pointer. Infact, our eyes follow the pointer all the time. So a good looking mouse pointer is essential if you want to have a good looking desktop. Have a look at some of the most beautiful mouse pointers that I could find. Take your pick.

1. Ecliz Cursors

Ecliz Cursors - masoomyf.blogspot.com
Blue Glass Cursor - masoomyf.blogspot.com
3. Entis
Entis - masoomyf.blogspot.com
Deep Sky - masoomyf.blogspot.com
iStyle - masoomyf.blogspot.com

Balder CS - masoomyf.blogspot.com

Luna Blue XP - masoomyf.blogspot.com

8. Silver 3D
Silver 3D - masoomyf.blogspot.com9. MUSIC NOTE (Not Available)
Music Note - masoomyf.blogspot.com

10. Trans Cursors
Trans Cursor - masoomyf.blogspot.com

X-BLACK 2 Blue - masoomyf.blogspot.com

Sektor - masoomyf.blogspot.com

Hoxlirium Gaze - masoomyf.blogspot.com

Incarnerry Mark - masoomyf.blogspot.com

Radix Phantasma - masoomyf.blogspot.com

16. Vista Type
Vista Type - masoomyf.blogspot.com

17. XP Blue
XP Blue - masoomyf.blogspot.com
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