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TEncoder Video Converter - A multithreaded A/V converter, editor, downloader, and DVD ripper

TEncoder Video Converter
A multithreaded A/V converter, editor, downloader, and DVD ripper.


  • TEncoder is a multithreaded video and audio converter that uses MEncoder, MPlayer and FFMpeg. 
  •  It can download video/audio from video sites like youtube. 
  •  It can also rip unprotected DVDs. It can convert almost every video and audio type to each other. 
  •  Subtitles with same name as video can be hard-coded into video. 
  •  Up to 8 simultaneous encoders can be run so encoding time decreases. 
  •  You can select between multiple audio and subtitle tracks. 
  •  Extracting video or audio content is possible. 
  •  Edit subtitle and audio delays and part of video that will be encoded. 
  •  Effects like deinterlacing or cropping can be applied to videos.

  • Supports almost all video formats
  • Multithreading enables you to use all cores of your CPU
  • Subtitles can be hard-coded into video
  • Output video codecs are: Mpeg1, Mpeg2, Xvid, Mpeg4, H264, FLV, WMV, VP8, x265
  • Output audio codecs are: MP3, WAV, AAC, OGG Vorbis, AC3, Mp2, Speex, Opus
  • Rip unprotected DVDs
  • Download video from sites like YouTube.com
  • Choose between FFMpeg and Mencoder as encoder
  • Select between different audio and subtitle tracks for each file
  • Skin support
  • Do two passes to improve quality
  • Pass custom commands to encoders
  • Preview files before encoding
  • Select between 840 device presets
  • 64 bit support
  • Watermark videos with image
  • Dub videos with external audio files
  • Create video using image and audio

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