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Restoration is a tool which can restore files removed from the Recycle bin by mistake, or which have been deleted directly without going through the Recycle bin (by holding down the Shift key when deleting a file).

It features an optional scan of all clusters on a drive.
This utility is tremendous. It scans a hard drive and lists all deleted files, allowing you to copy a deleted file to a nominated folder (never put it back where the original was until it has been checked). If a file has just been deleted, and no other files have been subsequently loaded, changed or deleted, Restoration should be able to restore it fully.
We couldn't get a JPG file to restore (it was restored as a BMP file) but were successful on all other recently deleted files.
If a file was not recently deleted, there is a good chance that it will contain bits and pieces of other files and you may need to do some judicious copying and pasting (called "stitching") to restore a text file to something like the original.
When a file is deleted that location is marked as being empty and other files will be written over the top of it (a file is rarely all at one physical place but in bits and pieces across your hard drive). A program like Restoration cannot be expected to find all of an over-written file. Likewise, checking the contents of clusters on a hard drive may offer missing pits and pieces of files which can be, in part, stitched back together again.
There are many commercially available file "undeletion" tools but this is one of the best we have seen, at any price. It is not "magic" and cannot do the impossible, but if a file can be undeleted and restored to its original condition then Restoration should be able to do it.
We consider this to be an absolutely "must have" for all PC users.

Below: the main window
Below: cluster scanning

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