SkyDrive: New Windows 8 Metro App

SkyDrive is new and free cloud service provided by the Microsoft. SkyDrive Windows 8 Metro app merges the SkyDrive and Windows Live, Microsoft’s Web-Based synchronization service. SkyDrive is a free file hosting service which enables the Microsoft Windows users to
store data on it instead of storing it in their local machines. It offers maximum of 25GB free space..
Users can also mark there stored data as Private, share them with contacts or Public. If a user is keeping all his files Private then no one else be able to view his uploaded files. If a user is sharing his files with his contacts then only the friends present in the contact list will able to view the files. But each friend has to login to their Windows Live Account to view the files shared by their friends. If anyone is sharing his files publically then everyone on the SkyDrive will able to view the files even without login to their Windows Live Account.

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