Download SliTaz - A small linux distribution in 35 MB

SliTaz GNU/Linux 4.0 Release
Provide fully desktop features in less than 35 MB

DOWNLOAD SliTaz 4.0 (Starble Version)

DOWNLOAD Slitaz Cooking 
SliTaz Linux 4.0 Desktop
SliTaz GNU/Linux 4.0 (Pic taken from

SliTaz is a small linux distribution which is community based software project. This distribution takes 100
MB of disk space and its installation ISO is around 35 MB. It is suitable for old PCs. It boot from Live CD or USB Drive into OpenBox Desktop and uses BusyBox. It is very small distribution and it can be completely loaded into RAM.

♥ System Requirement:

► i486 or x86 Intel Compatible Processors.
► Live CD Required 192MB of RAM and Alternate Installer require 80MB of RAM while Slitaz only. require 16MB of RAM to run.

►  Installation require approx 100MB of Free Hard Disk Space.

♥ Feature and Applications:

► SliTaz boot using USB, Live CD
► Alsa Mixer and Audio Player

► AsunderCD Ripper/Encoder

► Chat,E- mail, and FTP clients CD or DVD tools for engraving, editing, etc. Elegant desktop (Openbox) Midori Web browser Database engine (SQLite) SSH client and server (Dropbear) More than 3300 packages

For More Detail and Pro Version Visit Official Website at:

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