StrokeIt - Control your desktop by Mouse Gesture

StrokeIt 9.7
Control your desktop and Applications Shortcut by Mouse Gesture means Drawing with left click.

Version: 9.7

Size: 138 KB

    Publisher: Jeff Doozen


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StrokeIt is an advanced mouse gesture recognition engine & command processor that lets you control programs by drawing symbols with the mouse, and will perform the "action" associated with that gesture. It can recognize more than 80 mouse gestures, and be trained to recognize more.

This is an unusual tool which recognizes specific mouse actions or gestures (like drawing the letter E) on the screen while holding down the right mouse button (the E gesture opens Explorer). Draw a C on any program's window and it will close, an N and it will open a new document or window.

A few minutes experimenting with this amazing little tool should convince you of its value. It can be used as a macro facility to write text to a word processor, to launch programs, to perform specific tasks in specific programs (the same gesture can be used in different programs with different results), and more.

Gestures can be drawn "forward" or reverse (a letter E starting at either the top – forward – or the bottom – backwards) and have different functions associated with each direction.

The biggest problem in using StrokeIt is to remember all of the gestures, and what each gesture does in each program. Of course, most users will probably only have 5 or 10 favorite gestures, but even using this limited number will enhance your computer experience and make working on your computer much easier.

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