The Galaxy Samsung S3 widget is updated with the brightness of the bar

It seems that not a week that the brand new Samsung Galaxy S3  Succulents do not give us news, not just in terms of releases or disputes with other major brands. And today is again present the Samsung's dark beast for having released a new update for it which solves some performance and autonomy , as we know well who usually use the Galaxy S3, I come from pearls. In addition, this new firmware brings an addition to the face that will be very handy for those who insist on saving the smallest mAh: now we can vary the brightness of the screen directly from the notification bar
, still more practical to eliminate the automatic brightness of the settings.

As you can see in the screenshot, the new slider for brightness is extremely practical without interfering with the position or use of other connectors or notices, varying the intensity of the backlight LED with the gesture of moving only one side or other selector bar.

This firmware update for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is being released today in Europe, gradually reaching the terminals in the form of OTA or with optional upgradeable KIES . In addition, you can download it from SamFirmware to install it directly by Odin , serving any ROM of European territory.

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