CodeLite5.1.0 -- An Open-Source, cross-platform IDE for C/C++

CodeLite 5.1.0

CodeLite is an open-source, cross platform IDE for the C/C++ programming languages. 

Download the proper installer from here

General: Precompiled binaries for Mac / Windows / Linux

codelite offers a several installers for the various OSs. Download the proper installer from here
Make sure to pick the latest version available! (currently the latest version is codelite-4.1)


Mac installation is easy:
  1. download the bundle application from sourceforge
  2. Extract the zip and click the application from Finder or type from Terminal:



  • An installer which only includes codelite IDE only
  • An installer which includes codelite IDE + MinGW suite (GNU toolchain + WinAPI)
  • An installer which includes codelite IDE + MinGW suite + wxWidgets SDK


CodeLite private repository

There is an apt repository with latest codelite version available for ubuntu lucid, oneiric, precise and quantal, plus debian squeeze and wheezy; and rpms for fedora 17 and 18, and openSUSE 12.2. See the Repository page for details.

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