How to make bootable pendrive/usb drive for Windows 7,8 with CMD

Plugin your pendrive to the computer.
Backup your pendrive, because it's going to format...

Press Start Button(Windows Key) and type CMD.
Right Click on CMD and Click on "Run as Administrator"

Type the following commands:

List disk

//It will generate the list of disk connected to the computer.
//Choose your drive,, in my case USB Drive is as disk 1

select disk 1
create partition primary
format fs=ntfs quick

After this copy all the content of Windows Setup to the Pen Drive and now continue with following commands:

i: // Here i is pendrive drive letter. replace i with your drive letter.
cd boot
Bootsect /nt60 i:

Now your pendrive is ready for boot.
Restart your computer and boot your pendrive. Enjoy..

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