How to boot and install Yosemite 10.10.1(Mac OS) on Intel based PC(haswell), hp, amd.

1. Download Yosemite 10.10.1 (Download All Required Files)
  • In DMG Format, boot with Pendrive (Recommended)
  • In ISO Format (Only for virtual machines)
2. Make Pendrive Bootable
  • From Windows: -
    • Download and Install Transmac (15 Days Trail)
    • Run Transmac with administrative right and then write the Yosemite-Zone.dmg file to pendrive. (Read about writing DMG to disk).

  • From Macintosh / Hakintosh
    • Download Yosemite Restore.pkg
    • Format your pendrive with MSDOS Fat Format with Disk Utility.
    • Put the Yosemite-Zone.dmg and Yosemite Restore.pkg int the same directory and then open Yosemite Restore.pkg
    • Choose your Pendrive and install. This process takes 15-20 minutes.

  • Now
    • Restart your PC and then goto boot menu.
      • If HPET is available then change it value to "ON" and set HPET mode as 64Bi
      • Set SATA Disk as AHCI
      • Disable PXE LAN Boot Mode
      • Enable 'Executive Disable Bit' also known as XD Technology.
      • Enable Virtualization Technology (VT-Technology)
      • Set USB Legacy to ON
      • Enable Legacy Boot and Disable UEFI Boot.
      • Save and Restart your PC with selecting your pendrive as boot disk.
    • When Pendrive boots. Put the following parameter before boot.
      • For haswell (Intel based Pc, 3rd Gen or 4th Gen, i3,i5,i7...)
        /haswell -no-zp -x
      • For HP Laptops
        /hp or /hp1
      • For AMD Users
        /amd or /amd1 or /amd2 or /amd64 or /amd32 or /amdfx
    • After installing dont restart your computer, if it says Installation error code 0(like this), no problem. (If you choose a custom kernel like /haswell /amd etc...)
    • Goto Utilities -> Terminal
      Write the following: (I uses /haswell,  therefore i write haswell)
    • cp -f   /Volumes/"Image Volume"/haswell   /Volumes/"Mac OS"/System/Library/Kernels/kernel
    • rm -rf  /Volumes/"Mac OS"/System/Library/Caches
    • kextcache -u  /Volumes/"Mac OS"
  • After writing these, restart your PC. 
  • Installation complete.

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