Google plans to bring Free WiFi in cities

Google is attempting to bring blanket Wi-Fi coverage to big cities with the launch of Sidewalk Labs.
The tech giant’s new startup company is dedicated to improving life for city dwellers through technological innovations.
Sidewalk Labs’ first innovation is called ‘Intersection’ - formed from two existing companies - Control Group and Titan - which involves a plan to convert the city’s old phone booths into free public Wi-Fi hubs.

This would means that New Yorkers wouldn’t have to use up valuable mobile data or find a coffee shop with Wi-Fi, as the city-wide wireless connection would be accessible from the streets.
Free public Wi-Fi would also benefit those that don’t have high-speed broadband at home.
The plan is due to start in the Autumn and if successful, will be rolled out to other cities around the globe.
City-wide Wi-Fi coverage is just one of the ambitious projects that Google is currently involved with. The company is also working on the development of driverless cars.

Source : Yahoo News

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