Google wants you to 'Gmailify' your email, without using Gmail

Google's quest to have as many people as possible on Gmail has reached it's final logical step: you no longer need to change your email address to use the service.

In a new program, known as 'Gmailify', Google is offering users of other email platforms "the best of Gmail, without an @gmail address".

Although it has been possible for many years to use Gmail with custom domains, and to send and receive email from other providers through Google's site, Gmailify brings the more powerful features of the system including spam protection to those with Outlook, Hotmail or Yahoo addresses.

Gmailify will give access to Gmail's automatic inbox sorting system, which splits emails regarding social media, promotions and 'updates' into separate inboxes, in theory leaving your main inbox clear and simple. You'll get access to Google Now cards too.

The downside is that you'll still need a Gmail address in order to use the service -- you just won't need to change your existing email address in addition for signing up to Google. So far it's avaialble on Android and the web, though support for iOS and other systems would seem a sensible future update. Google added that other email systems will also be added later.


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