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Be Safe at Social Network By following Tips Below:

Hello everyone! I am here to make awareness among people about the Social Network that each and everyone use in your day-to-day life while you get free mobile recharge on reading  article. We all know that without these networks there is nothing to know the outside world but it is better to use them which protect us safe from it.
You all may have your accounts in different kinds of social networks. So secure them well by your passwords well. Number one problem is “Hacking“. I say this because the world is full of hacking, so any accounts can be hacked for any reason. Before, people do theft in lockers but now all theft happens by hacking. To people who think hacking is just casual then there is the mistake they do. Hacking is done according to person activities. Any skilled hackers can hack to make good to bad. To prevent this just keep a strong ‘password‘. It means password must contain all the below: ‘upper case alphabets, lower case alphabets, numbers, and numeric letters‘. By having all these together makes your password strong so that it cannot be hacked that easy. Instead, try to often change your passwords once in every week if you are a regular online.
Next important is “Virus/Spam“, this is the second major reason behind every networks. Viruses are spread to freeze ones account or to grab details of yours which are personal too. Likewise, before it was very unique to find whether it’s a virus or not, but in current state these viruses are spread even through your friends accounts without knowing to themselves so be aware to not to click any links which are unfamiliar even when a trust worthy sends. For example, you may get a link that you won prize in internet lottery, if you click those links then whatever personal details you have in your account can be easily retrieved by people.
Whenever you use internet check that you clear all ‘cookies’ before you go search into any unknown websites. Also if you use others system then I suggest everyone to remember to clear all your histories after accessing everything.
There is other way if you forget to sign-out your mail id when you access it from others place/system after you check your mails. Just open your id in any other system or mobiles where internet is available and just choose ‘sign-out all other sessions‘ from the option called ‘details‘ which will be available below the page. This keeps your account secure away from the people who try opening yours.
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More than all, be well aware of the sites before you make an account of yours in it. Only get accessed to well trusted sites and never believe in the unknown websites just by trusting in its precincts.
Never share your bank details if it is needed in any sites that are not 100% approved. Also don’t disclose them with any of your onliners either. Do not fell in any trap by the websites or links which attracts you in any ways which are unbelievable. Your desires may close your eyes in front of it but they are all just fake to grab your attention towards it.
The offers which attracts you for freebies doing no works or steps in any websites are just not true and if it’s a site to grab your money then just immediately move out of it to save you. Believe only in trusted or certified websites. Do not even believe in unauthorized websites.
In mobiles too, never install an unknown application. There are ways to steal your information through this. If you install them then there is no assurance that your whole details in phone are safe. To prevent this just download and install any antivirus which will make sure to instruct you when an unknown/unauthorized application is about to install. This warns you so that we can be harmless.
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If possible donot use “WIFI” which are available in public. It’s a new way theft that are introduced that are trendy. If your system or mobiles contains your whole details then be sure that you avoid those WIFI’s. Also do not keep the visibility mode to avail for everyone, keep it as allowed only when you accept them. Through this you may get any to your mobile which is very easy to either hack or hang your mobiles.
You will get any kind of remarkably amazing number calls, these are the calls which may either be virus or theft to take your details from mobile set. These are activated once you attend those calls. This freezes your mobile and they grab your personal in seconds.
These are some of the common awareness that can be followed by all to be secure. By doing just these, it is good enough for a person to keep him/her safe in this fast moving world which runs inside the universe called ‘Internet’. Just lead your online world with much security having these safety measures in your territory. Also share this with others in facebook, twitter, whatsapp etc., to make even your friends aware of such safety measures who doesn’t know. ‘Technology development are to be in our hands and not we people in the hands of technology’. Technologies improve a faster growth in its field so at present these are the major issues that’s as said above so prevent yourself and also prevent among your vicinity.
Thanks for reading my article ones again, you may suggest me or team if you have some ideas to implement by sending message or by contacting us. Also feel free to share your feedback’s and comments which will be appreciated for both me and team.
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