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Top 5 Tips and Hidden Feature of Truecaller

Truecaller -
True Caller, a world's top app on mobile device and web which can easily resolve the mystery of apparently unknown callers with a single click. If you are using a Android Device, no one play hide and seek or disturb you by making miss call's to your device. Just install TrueCaller from playstore or point your browser to and identify the unknown caller within a minute.

Truecaller App have many features, top 7 features are unveiled below:

Aware of Spammers
Truecaller have large database of spammers all over the world. If you receive a call from spammers, truecaller add the tag "spammer"  with the number.

Block Calls
TrueCaller have inbuilt feature of blocking calls by just adding the number to the block list or by pattern i.e. If someone is annoying you by a number starting with or contains some common digit "4568",  then just use "4568" as a pattern to block all calls starting with or contains  "4568".

Copy Number and Get Detail
With many attractive features, it also monitor device's clipboard in background. If clipboard contains a number, truecaller provide you the identification for that number.

Default Dialer can be replaced by Truecaller Dialer
Truecaller offers a dialer with beautiful user interface,  It discover the peoples you already know like twitter or facebook. It works on your location and existing contact list. If you find a contact with details set to private, Truecaller can show flowchart so that you can find a common friend.

Eliminate your Number from its Database
It also provide option for removing yourself from its worldwide database.Visit and remove yourself from its database.

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