Zorin OS - A complete 3D operating system with multiple features and with nice look, runs windows software.

ZORIN OS - A complete multi functional 3D operating system that is designed with unique UI interface. Zorin OS is based on UBUNTU Linux packed with essentials software for browsing, playing, editing, office work, multimedia. It also supports direct installation of Windows Software safely. Its supports all latest hardwares.

Zorin OS - Seeing is Blieving
Give Power to Desktops and Laptops through Zorin Os

Some of Zorin OS Advantages are discussed:

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  • Virus Free System, Now forget viruses.
  • Ultimate desktop experience.
  • Superfast speed and light on resources.
  • Fully customizable with lots of theme and looks.
  • Easy to use, userfriendly desktop.
  • Packed with most of the softwares that commonly used and have software store.
  • Completly opoensource and free operating system
  • Comes with core, light, educational and business(paid) editions.

Zorin OS - Top-notch Security
Top-notch Security
People are in constant fear of viruses and malware in this digital world. Thanks to Zorin OS's immunity to Windows viruses you will never have to worry about them. Zorin OS also comes with integrated firewall software to keep your system extra safe. When a potential security threat arises, software updates usually come within a matter of hours through the Update Manager. With Zorin OS you are sure to have peace of mind.

Zorin OS - User-Friendly desktop

User Friendly Menu and Desktop

The main goal of Zorin OS is to give new users easy access to Linux. That is why Zorin OS incorporates the familiar Windows 7-like interface by default to dramatically reduce the learning curve of this system while still experiencing the main advantages of Linux. You can also utilise the desktop with other interfaces. This is thanks to the exclusive Zorin Look Changer which lets you change your desktop to look and act like either Windows 7, Windows XP or GNOME 2 in the free versions of Zorin OS. The Premium editions also include the Windows 2000, Unity and Mac OS X looks.

Zorin OS - Inbuilt Softwares
Softwares Out of the Box

Zorin OS is packed with software, ready for you to take advantage of. From the versatile LibreOffice suite to the feature-packed OpenShot video editor, it's got it all. Zorin OS is sure to facilitate all of your everyday tasks such as web browsing, document creation, social networking, making videos, chatting with your friends and beyond, all without having to install anything.

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