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PC Remote control is one of the best remote controlling software, that completely provides access to computer by android or windows phone. This can be setup by downloading the server edition on computer and client edition to android or windows phone. Its works on LANs connection, either by WiFi Router or by PCs WiFi as hotspot.  Client will able to see whole computer screen with  a pointer that can be move by taping and moving finger on client screen. 


Features of PC Remote Control
  • Use phone as a wireless phone.
  • Client app provide full keyboard feature with all keys combination.
  • Use device keyboard to write remotely on PC.
  • Control Volumes, Power Control i.e Shutdown, Hibernate, Restart, Monitor ON/OFF etc.
  • Control for Media Player like VLC, WMPlayer, iTune and many more.
  • Control presentation with play, next slide, prevous slide, start presentation etc.
  • Use phone as a secondary display remotely and experience full remote control feature.
  • No notification of connecting or disconnecting from PC or using any command.
  • File can be access remotely.
  • Other navigation features and many more.
  • Completely freeware software, you can denote here.
Screenshots of PC Remtoe Control:
PC Remote Control MultiGesture PC Remote Control Extended Keyboard PC Remote Control Extended Desktop PC Remote Control - Volume Control PC Remote Control - Power Control PC Remote Control - Software Control

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