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Ola to introduce Wi-Fi in all cabs.

After home and office, people spend most of their time commuting, and cab aggregator Ola wants to give additional value to the time they spend in cabs by providing them with Wi-Fi connection.

"With over 40 minutes spent on an average cab ride in Indian cities, an auto-connect Wi-Fi experience can make every Ola, the 'third place' for consumers, beyond their home and workplace," said head of categories and chief marketing officer Raghuvesh Sarup in a press release on Thursday.

"We are ushering in a digital revolution in the country that has the potential to transform the experience of mobility for a billion Indians in the time to come," he added.

Officials from the company say Wi-Fi has been provided in all their 'prime' category cars since August 2015. It will be expanded to all other categories - including autos soon - without defining what soon is.

Ola says the experience will be seamless. Users need to key in their login credentials only once. "Over 200TB of data was consumed on a monthly basis by users of Ola Prime, which was earlier making available high speed Wi-Fi in-cab with a standard authentication process. 65% customers who chose Ola Prime, connected to the in-cab Wi-Fi. With auto-connect Wi-Fi innovation," said the press release.

"Ola foresees a massive surge in adoption, given the unmatched customer experience for users while on the move," it added.

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