All about Google Home, Chromecast experience global breakdown

Google Home
SAN FRANCISCO : Google Home smart speaker and Chromecast experienced serious outages that lasted for more than 12 hours and sent millions of users into a tizzy worldwide, a media report said.
The outage affected Google Home and Google Home Mini speakers that respond to voice commands, as well as Chromecast -- a device that plugs into a television and allows users to watch video content.

"Users were angry at both the length of the outage and the lack of information from Google about it, once it had been identified. Google has not given a reason why these devices went down, only apologising for the service problems and identifying a fix for the issues," The Guardian reported late on Thursday.
Music, timers, smart home controls and more Google Home functionalities were down for many users and users reported that they could not get anything to stream on Chromecast or use it to connect to other devices.

The tech giant responded on Twitter by telling people that they may not have set up their Chromecast or Google Home correctly.

"Google's Twitter account was soon inundated with complaints from around the world, including Spain, Ireland, India, Argentina and New Zealand. The company said it had 'received reports from users globally'," the report added.


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