MIUI 10 for Redmi 3S Prime launched.

MIUI 10 Home ScreenXiaomi MIUI 10 Global 8.8.2 launched for Redmi 3S Prime. Users are getting OTA update within device. Once updated you can experience many new features, redesign notification shade, VoLTE symbol, recent tray and much more.

In MIUI 10, MIUI focus on fixing previously known MIUI bugs, improving the system stability and making the MIUI 10 even more faster. Besides bug fixing,  a lot of visual changes in MIUI 10 and introduced some amazing and cool features which you will probably like!


MIUI 10 is a completely re-designed version of Xiaomi’s skin. The company has really put a lot of optimizations in the latest version of the system. They optimized background activity management, launch speed, deep sleep recovery, cache management, Wi-Fi, and a lot of other stuff.


MIUI 10 comes with new and unique sounds. Notifications now have water sounds. Each one of them is unique, just like water droplets, so you’ll never get tired of them. Sudeep also mentioned that “no two notification sounds on MIUI 10 are the same.” So if you get multiple notifications in quick succession, each one will sound different. You’ll hear a sound of the sand when you delete things, like notes, contacts, or photos.

Even in the latest MIUI 9 builds, users could notice that lock screen clock changed its position from the top left corner and now it's centred to match new notification style.


Using a default or Limitless theme, you won't find any major visual difference except more live icon animations compared to previous MIUI version

MIUI 10 Home Screen

Recent apps tray

Brand new recent apps tray is introduced in MIUI 10, it looks totally different from what you've had a chance to see on any other operating system and it works great once you get used to it since from now on you dismiss apps by swiping them to left or right instead of the up like we used to do it before.

Recent App tray - MIUI 9 vs MIUI 10

Notification shade

One of the best visual changes if you ask me that MIUI really needed, now it looks like an Android P and with gaussian blur, it adapts so well with any background. 

MIUI 10 Notification Shade

Volume bar adjustments

Volume sliders also got a new redesigned look, once you start using it I believe that you will love them!

MIUI 10 Volume Bar Adjustment

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