Now start sending documents through WhatsApp chat.

Finally WhatsApp provides option to send documents over chats.

After it launch, there is two major changes by facebook are:
1. Free for lifetime
2. Send documents over chat.

Now whatsApp user can upload document, spreadsheet, presentation files as well as e-document i.e. PDF files through whatsApp easily.

The feature is available in the most recent builds available via Google Play and the App Store - Android v2.12.453 and iOS v2.12.4. 

WhatsApp has also rolled out a bunch of other features with the updates.
Users of whatsApp, now send pictures, videos, audios or any kind of document through whatsApp only. 
Before this feature, some whatsApp users dont know to send documents via emails or through other medium. Now they can send any documents over whatsApp.

This feature of whatsApp make it better than previous and the users who are attach with another IMs, will come back to whatsApp.

Note: On Android, the WhatsApp v2.12.453 that's available from Google Play for some users shows a 'Document' section instead of 'Gallery' under attachments 

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