7 search rules that Google changes which will make or break your SEO.

Google changes it search algorithms over 600 times every year.

Today, blue links to websites are giving way to the Knowledge Graph (their very own colossal vault of information). It’s a much more complex territory. Google no longer thinks of itself as the middleman. Google wants to be “the answer.”

Just write "whether in your location" and see the graph what Google provide.

Google whether search
This is Google’s reaction to our ever-decreasing attention spans and growing expectancy of everything ‘instantaneous.’ Google measures success by how quickly they get the user from question to answer.

google steps search

Google also provide steps for your question. Just type and see "how to" and your question.

he optimal search marketing objective for your most profitable keywords in 2016 should be to own top positions in AdWords result, a position #1 Direct Answer Box, a local listing, a standard organic listing in top position followed by further box results lower down the page. You should also show up in images, videos, Twitter feed, Knowledge Graph, and maps, which are the features Google is increasingly displaying in search results.

You need to look beyond your website if you aim for complete domination of the search results in 2016. As Pete Meyers of Moz pointed out, SEO in 2016 is about ‘being the answer.’

Feed the Hummingbird by using schema markup to increase the changes of better indexation by Google.

Some tips and trick for google search:

  • For knowing distance between two place: "distance from place1 and place2".
  • For calculation, simply write mathematical expression: 2+5=?
  • For currency conversion, example: 1 dollar = rupees.

Important: Use SEO schema markup for better S.E.O at Google.

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