MX Linux - Best Stable Linux OS of 2020


MX Linux is mid weight super stable operating system which is selected as best operating system in year 2019 and 2020. MX Linux has great stability for desktop computers and laptops by supporting various newly hardware easily like graphics card, sound system, network adapter etc. They provide lots of new and useful features which give user flexibility to use MX Linux Operating System.

The best thing is that it have useful utility tools for repairing, modifying boot menu, cleanup your system easily, and has internal package manager which provide lot of stable applications to use it. Many of these Tools were developed specifically for MX, while some were forked from existing antiX apps or are existing antiX apps; a couple were imported with permission from outside sources.

By default it includes software like Firefox, LibraOffice, VLC, and basic software which requires by most of users around the world.

Included Software:
  • Browsing         -> Firefox
  • Video Player   -> VLC
  • Music Player   -> Clementine
  • Office Suite     -> LibraOffice
  • Backup             -> LuckyBackup
  • Security            -> Passwords and Keys
  • Terminal          -> Xfce4 Terminal

User Experience:
  • Stable
  • Easy and flexible installation
  • Excellent hardware recognition
  • Automatic configuration for most users
  • One-click change of panel orientation and default theme
  • One-click enabling of Event sounds
  • Hibernation now enabled by default
  • Important applications updated regularly by Community
  • Significant upgrades to MX Tools
  • Localization for MX apps in many languages
  • Great help through video set
  • Full Users Manual onboard and online
  • Excellent support on a friendly forum

  • Live USB maker
  • Live-usb kernel updater
  • Remaster tool
  • Snapshot
  • Boot options, now expanded to install grub themes
  • Boot repair
  • Cleanup
  • Menu editor
  • User manager
  • Nvidia driver installer
  • Codecs installer, now includes updated S3 texture packs
  • Conky
  • Network Assistant
  • Select sound
  • System sounds
  • Tweak
  • Welcome
  • System keyboard
  • System locales
  • Fix GPG keys
  • Package installer: now includes Debian Backports, MX Test, Flatpaks, and Debian Stable repos
  • Repo manager
  • Utilities
  • Quick System Info
  • iDevice Mounter

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