Why apps get updated in phone than computer systems?

Apps for smart phone has limited access to operating system and it may forcefully and easily close by operating system and user as compare to apps in computer system that never automatically killed by operating system.

Smart Phone's app need to update from play store or app store but computer's apps can automatically update it self and may be sometime without informing user.

Mobile Phone's app required various permission before accessing specific future and maintaining it's state on orientation changes required lot of operations but computer's app not required to maintain it's state on orientation changes or configuration changes.

Mobile Phone's app deal with various radio services but computer's app is unaware of it.

Mobile Phone's app deal with power management because phone is much portable and required battery to run every time than computer system.

Mobile Phone's app used by many users of many fields and required lot of customization but computer's app used by specific user of specific field.

Mobile Phone's app train it's user by itself to operate it but computer's app required trained user before using it. Some apps/software needs complete 2-3 month course before using it.

Smart Phone's operating system i.e. Android updates every time by manufacturer so apps need to handle with so many operating system, so many languages, so many device type in a very small package.

The above handling of mobile phone's app required lot of maintenance which includes lot of bug to fix every time, therefore apps needs update rapidly than computer's apps or software. 

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