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New WhatsApp come with many features, some are hidden and some are unknown to users.


  1. End-to-End Encryption: This gives full privacy over message sent and received by WhatsApp. 3rd party can't read message now.
  2. Font Format: WhatsApp recently launched a new feature for for iOS users, that allow them to format their text to add bold, italics or strikethrough option while messaging friends. The new feature was first spotted on Android version 2.12.535 which was available for Google Play beta testers, although the APK file was also online for regular users to download. iOS users need to update the app to the latest version. To add bold type the text in between two * (asterisks) symbols and for italics type between two underscore _ symbols. The strikethrough appears when you type the text between the two tilde ~ symbols.
  3. Document Sharing: WhatsApp rolled out the ability to share documents, In order to share a document, tap on the share attachment option and one of the tabs should reflect Share Documents. Read More
  4. Updated UI: WhatsApp for iOS got an update, which brought features like ‘Pinch to Zoom’ on video content, third-party app support for sharing pictures and videos. WhatsApp iOS build (version 2.12.14) added four new features with it. WhatsApp iOS users can also share photos, videos, documents from other apps on their iPhone.
  5. Limit Extend for Group: WhatsApp now allows for 256 members in a group, which was limited to 100 prior to the update.
WhatsApp withdraw supports for Blackberry. Read More Here

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